Number Ones

The day I was brought into this spinning sphere of grace, love, chaos, and somedays peace, Stayin Alive by the BeeGees was the number one song on the U.S. charts. Since my husband and I share a birthday on the same day, and same year, this is his song too.  Technically he likes older women because I am a few hours older than he is.

There are a million reasons why it is no accident that Stayin Alive is my number one, but lately this seems to be our theme song. The hubs is no ladies man, but he’s been walking a tightrope around my pregnant self lately (the hormones seem much more intense than during pregnancy numero uno). I’ve been working just to make it through the work day, raise a temperamental four-year old, and keep my book and this blog alive, before collapsing by 9:00p.m. every night.

The day our first child was born, this little gem (with no hint of sarcasm in my voice) of a song was number one in the charts. I think the trauma of my labor blocked out the fact that I had ever heard this song, because when I decided to play a little game and look up my son’s birth song, I could not remember ever hearing it. I must have amnesia because this was only four years ago!

I was immediately grateful I have no recollection of this melody and incredibly sad that S&M is his song (sorry Brittney and Rihanna fans). If there was ever a time that I have wished time travel really existed, it was at that moment. I would go back and do a switcheroo on the charts, something, anything. I think I’ll make the hubs explain this era in music history to him when he is much older.

This week, we found out we are welcoming another little boy to our brood. Not only does his older brother have S&M for his birth song, but he will be sorely disappointed when we break the news this weekend because he is convinced he is having a baby sister. And that her name is Jeffrey. I can only wonder what the number one song will be on March 5, 2016, our expected due date?!?!

Check out these sites to see your number one:

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