Like thousands of librarians across the country, I religiously follow @MrSchuReads , Scholastic’s Ambassador for School Libraries, blogger, and book-trailer-creator-extraordinair.  Recently, a fellow librarian @msmlgraham tweeted his talk at the Scholastic Reading Summit (which I attended vicariously at home through Twitter).

“Every day should begin with a book talk,” he said.

I tweeted in response, “What if every educator took on this challenge?” I even came up with a clever little hashtag: #180booktalkchallenge

I’ve been mulling it over and my blog has sat dormant for over a year. What if I really did this challenge? What if I did a book talk every day this school year and featured the book here on my blog? What if other teachers join in with me? What if we inspire kids to read simply by just talking to them about the books we love? Everyday. The books which have graced our lives and the lives of our students.

So here is how it will work: every day this school year (180 days to be exact) I am going to do at least one book talk and feature the title here on my blog. Don’t worry – I’m not writing a novel here (although I aspire to do that in my free time, of which I have little because I have two small children at home and work full-time).

You don’t have to read 180 books this year (although I hope you read as many as you can). You just have to talk about a book you love every school day to your students!

Even if you have never read the book – you can book talk it. Trust me. I do it all the time. 

People think because I am a librarian I have read all 20,000 titles on my shelves. Pssst. I’ll let you in on a little secret….I haven’t. But every time I do a book talk, it flies off my shelf.

Every. Time.

If you read the book ten years ago, twenty years ago, or you sat in your mother’s lap at five year’s old while she read aloud, you can book talk it.

You can book talk any book for any grade. I work in an elementary school so I will book talk titles for grades PreK-5.

Easy peasy and the cheapest, most surefire way you will ever find to hook a reader!

Check back often to see what I’m book talking and let me know if you are up to the challenge! Share your book talks on social media (#180booktalkchallenge), follow me on Twitter @JBorenJennifer, or even start your own blog.